Enterprise SaaS

Spencer Jones Saturday, June 24, 2023

What is Enterprise SaaS?

Enterprise SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) are software products that serve large organizations, usually more than 500 people, and help the business perform important business operations. Enterprise SaaS is usuall sold for an annual subscription rate and includes both the software, onboarding and training, and customer service agreements.

What sets Enterprise SaaS apart?

Enterprise SaaS usually have the following needs:

Complex User Management

Since the business has many employees with frequent changes as new employees are hired or leave the company, it is important for Enterprise SaaS products to support robust user management workflows.

While not all employees will have access to the SaaS product, it is possible that hundreds or even thousands of employees will use the SaaS product.

Access Controls

Given the large number of users and business sensitivity of the data of functionality, it is important to make sure that users are granted the appropriate level of access.

This is frequently implemented with Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), with structures in place in the application to assign users to various groups and roles.

Audit Logging and Reporting

Organizations may need to understand and report on which users have performed which behaviors. This is important to keep track of access and potential violations, but also to remediate any issues that may come up with improper access.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

To increase security as well as ease of access for employees, most Enterprise SaaS products will support SSO for their customers. This enables organizations to authenticate into the Enterprise SaaS product using a single set of credentials and is often powered by vendors like Okta.


Enterprise SaaS products frequently need to integrate with other SaaS products that power an organizations business in order share data between systems.

For example, if the SaaS enables sales, it may need to integrate with a CRM like SalesForce or HubSpot.