The technical partner you need to build and launch your Enterprise SaaS.

About you.

You're a subject matter expert in your field. You're interested in solving problems using new technology but don't know where to start.

You're have an idea to improve your industry, but need a partner to bring it to life.

Or, you're embedded in a company with a vision to bring a new product to market, but do not have the engineering resources at your disposal to get it started.

Early technical decisions can have an outsized impact on your business's future. Don't risk it with cheap, unvetted contractors.

About Ghost CTO.

Backed by years of experience building and launching Enterprise SaaS products, I provide reliable technology and guidance to take you from idea to production and ready for long-term development and maintenaince by a team.

Unlike lots of other companies offering boilerplate codebases, Ghost CTO takes a wholistic approach to launching enterprise SaaS products.

Why Enterprise SaaS?

Enterprise SaaS products are the backbone of many companies, providing business-critical functionality. They need to be reliable and robust.

They need to work for large organizations with many users and complex access controls.


Ghost CTO provides the following services.


A well-designed starter kit to get you up and running quickly. Saves weeks of development time reinventing the wheel.

  • User management
  • Team mangement
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Authentication
  • Customer Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Best practices with testing and CI


The product is not going to build itself, and we will leave you in good hands after our engagement ends.

  • Templates for software engineering job posting
  • Technical screening for founding engineer(s)

Software Development

We partner with you to build a first-version of your product, and provide the engineering hours to build and release the product.


Documentation and training material to setup software development best practices. Avoid wasting valuable time debating how to write tickets, manage a backlog, or how to structure sprints.

Product Strategy

Consulting on how to strategically launch and grow your product.


Packages start at $10,000.

To get a quote for your project, we can discuss the specific details of your project and needs.


Send an email to discuss your project.